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    1:58 Wheel Wrench for Tire Repair-LS58H

    Item No. : LS58H

    An Ideal Wheel Wrench for Tire Repair!!!

    Wheel Wrench Wrench Product Description
    Wheel  wrench adopt the highly effective and variable speed as a main drive, which function is small volume, light weight, Due to the big variable ratio, the less input power will come into being more output wrest distance, The product select high-grade alloy steel and the superior craft of heart treatment, firm and durable, high effective and saving, the appearance of using spray polishing, and have a good feeling.

    This Wheel Wrench is used in kind of Truck Tire widely, and it is the necessary tool of auto repairman and the handy tool driver friends!!!

    Gear Ratio :1:58
    Material: 40Cr
    Weight: 8.3kgs
    Max Output Torque: 5000Nm
    With 2 sockets

    1set/box, 4sets/ctn
    Ctn meas:41×37.5×21.5cm
    Weight: 32.6kgs/ctn

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