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    Micro Angle Grinder-MAG-093N

    Item No. : MAG-093N

    Technical parameter:

    Max.Free Speed : 23,500RPM

    Collet Size: 3MM(1/8")

    Angle: 120°

    Air Pressure Supply: 0.6MPA


    The Amout Of Air Consumption:120NL/min

    Weight: 140g


    Package of tools:

    1)MAG-093N:one piece;          2)adhesive sandpaper:eight pieces;

    3)sub-tie-in:one piece;             4)over hose:0.4meter;

    5)air hose: 1.2 meter;              6)hose band:two pieces;

    7)cup wheel: one piece;           8)spanner:one piece;

    9)rubber disc holder:one piece.


    The characters and application of products
    Air Rotary Grinders adopts precision and durable components. It has many specialties as follows: light and pen shaped design, small volume, high speed of rotation, low noise, large torque, low consumption of gas, light and stable. And its operation is very easy, convenient and fast, which is applied in varieties moulds, hardware products, glass, crafts, accessories, circuit board extensively such as shoe mould, wheel mould, pen mould, household mould, etc.  In a word, it applies in what need to be grinded, rubbed, carved and mirror polished.


    Maintenance of tools
    1.Frequently add oil to tools(pneumatic oil or decatizing oil).
    2.  Air compressor should be installed oil-water separator, and we need always clean its sewage.
    3.Special attention :Its fever heat is normal when the tool operate without any load. Otherwise, operation with load will get cooling gradually.
    4.Ask professional staff to maintain the tools




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