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    5:1 Air Bucket Oil Pump

    Item No. : TB-221G TB-201G

    1. TB-201G drum dia.355mm,high 630mm
        TB-221G drum dia.355mm,high 630mm,supplied with 2" pump bung adapter.
    2. Suitable for transferring medium-viscosity liquids at medium distance.
    3. Easy to maintenance any cars or machine equipment.
    4. Composed of hose connecting and digital control meter.

    Item No.  TB-201G TB-221G
    Pressure Ratio 5:1
    Working Pressure 5-8 bar    70-115psi
    Max.Fluid Pressure 24 bar
    Air Motor Effective Diameter 108mm
    Air Consumption 150 L/min @8bar
    Max.Free Flow Rate 34L/min
    Digital Control Gun 5 digit LCD display powered by one 3V battery
    Oil Hose I.D.: 1/2"        Length:5m/16ft
    Air Inlet Connection 1/4"
    Oil Outlet Connection 1/2"
    Suction Tube Diameter 50mm/1.97"
    Suction Tube Length 440mm/17" 740mm/29"
    Drum Size 355×340mm 355×630mm
    Weight 21.3 kgs/46.9lbs 22.5 kgs/49.6lbs
    Package Volume 150×150×1300mm 150×150×1300mm

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