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    55:1 Air Grease Pump

    Item No. : TA-101H-103H

    1. Use for lubrication system and grease diffluence set equment.
    2. For dispensing grease of all types short and long distance at high pressure.
    3. Large cylinder designed to improve grease pressure and the quantity of outlet
    4. Suitable for high-visosity grease.
    5. This item has more advantages in the cold areas.

    Drum Application TA-101H:20-30kgs      TA-102H:50-60kgs       TA-103H:180-220kgs
    Pressure Ratio 55:1
    Working Pressure 5-8 bar      70-115psi
    Max.Fluid Pressure 450 bar
    Cylinder Diameter 108 mm
    Air Consumption 150 L/min @8bar
    Max.Free Flow Rate 1300 g/min
    Suction Tube Diameter 32mm             1.26"
    Suction Tube Length TA-101H:440mm/17.5"   TA-102H:440mm/17.5"      TA-103H:440mm/17.5"
    Air Inlet Connection 1/4"
    Grease Outlet Connection 1/4"
    Weight TA-101H:7.0 kgs/15.4lbs TA-102H:7.5 kgs/16.5lbs TA-103H:8.0 kgs/17.6lbs
    Package Volume TA-101H:20X20X100cm   TA-102H:20x20x130mm TA-103H:20x20x150cm

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