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    50:1 Air Bucket Grease Pump

    Item No. : TC-231H

    1. Use for lubrication system and grease diffluence set equment.
    2. For dispensing grease of all types short and long distance at high pressure.
    3. Suitable for 5 gallons drum type grease.
    4. All of them composed of hose connecting and grease control gun.

    Item No.  TC-231H
    Drum Application 20-30kgs      355×430mm
    Pressure Ratio 50:1
    Working Pressure 5-8 bar          70-115psi
    Max.Fluid Pressure 400 bar
    Cylinder Diameter 70 mm
    Air Consumption 120 L/min @8bar
    Max.Free Flow Rate 800 g/min
    Grease Gun develops up to 600 bar/8700psi  1/4" female inlet
    Connecting Hose I.D.: 1/4"          Length:5m/16ft
    Suction Tube Diameter 32mm             1.26"
    Suction Tube Length 440mm           17.5"
    Air Inlet Connection 1/4"
    Grease Outlet Connection 1/4"
    Weight 16kgs               35.3lbs
    Package Volume 40.5×40.5×81.5cm

    Tested under grease NLGL 1#, +20℃, 2m hose length free outlet.

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