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    3/16 inch Air Hydraulic Riveter

    Item No. : HR1000K

    A pneumatic rivet gun and its related tool is used to fasten two pieces of metal, such as steel or aluminum, or other types of material of solid material together. It comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. The term pneumatic means that the rivet tool (often called rivet gun) is powered by an air compressor. The pressure entering the gun forces the rivet through two pieces of metal, thus fastening them together. The amount of air pressure can be adjusted by the regulator.

    The advantage of using a pneumatic rivet tool is the stress saved on your hands. When working with a manual rivet tool, you must squeeze the handles together, which if done often, can cause cramps and muscle damage. The pneumatic tool automatically applies pressure to the rivet, saving your hands and allowing you to be more productive.

    1.Hydraulic piston for increased power.
    2.Ultra high speed ideal for assembly line.
    3.Sets rivets up to 3/16" (4.8mm) in diameter. Up to 1,586lbs (720kg) of pull for tough job.
    4.Easy operation in any position with one hand.
    5.Front exhaust.

    Blind rivet setting capacity:3/16",5/32",1/8",3/32"
    Traction Power:1,586lbs/720kgs
    Stroke Length:9/16"/14mm
    Air Inlet:1/4"
    Air Hose(ID):3/8"
    Air Consumption:0.03cfm
    Sug.Air Comp:0.5HP

    Kit Contents:
    3 sizes of rivets (3/16",5/32',1/8",10pcs per package)
    all necessary accessories for replacement like nosepieces(3/16',5/32',1/8",3/32")
    nipple,oil pot,return springs,O-rings,wrenches,and etc.

    Inner Packaing: Color Box
    Carton Meas:49.5*34.5*21.5cm

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